• Human resource management and skills development

    Recruitment and selection of candidates (internal and external).

    Assessment (Assessment of your candidates and employees’ potential).

    Training and skills development program.

    Global remuneration, profit sharing and incentive.

    Coaching and leadership development.

    Organizational audit and diagnosis of the human resources function.

    Job satisfaction survey.

  • Marketing & Commercial

    Business strategy (Market Research, development of direct and indirect distribution networks, competitive benchmarking).

    Sales Management (Organization of business-dedicated Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management- CRM etc. ..).

    Sales Training (Sales and negotiation techniques, managing difficult customers, operational management and team leadership etc. ..).

    Marketing actions (Direct marketing campaigns, trade marketing actions, Mystery Shopping etc. ..).

  • Legal Advice

    Assistance with starting a business.

    Legal Assistance.

    Administrative formalities.

    Assistance in negotiations.

    Litigation management.

    Legal and regulatory supervision

    Services to expatriates.

  • Management system: Accompaniment & Consulting

    Quality (ISO 9001): Assisting your performance so that you gain the recognition of your customers.

    Environment (ISO 14001): Control your environmental impact.

    Safety, Occupational Health (OHSAS 18001): major issues for your business.

    Integrated Management System: Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE IMS): Integrate your various approaches in a common system.

    Electronic Document Management (EDM): A tool for managing documents effectively.


Based in Annaba (Algeria), STRATEGIKA Consulting puts at your disposal a combination of skills converging towards a single aim: to develop and implement an expertise of advanced solutions, perfectly adapted to the challenges of operators, entrepreneurs, private and public investors activating in various fields, in Algeria and abroad. All this is done with the help of a team of highly qualified employees and the contribution of carefully selected partners and networks.

The commitment to our customers is full and permanent. We assist and work with them from the defining of the terms to the complete fulfillment of the objectives.

Each of our consultants, through his expertise, experience and global approach, is a contribution to our company’s value. We establish relationships based on trust. Our long term vision enables us to efficiently take strategic and operational decisions for our company.

Our services target companies that want to increase their performance and enhance their competitive position; we take action in order to bring stability and coherence to the company’s development process.

STRATEGIKA consulting is a consulting firm offering services grouped in four related fields:

TRACE International Inc. (TRACE) has successfully completed a TRACE Standard due diligence review of STRATEGIKA Consulting. TRACE granted STRATEGIKA Consulting a certificate of membership signifying the company’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions. STRATEGIKA Consulting is a TRACE member in good standing. TRACE is a non-profit membership association of multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries committed to the highest standards of transparency. More information can be found at www.TRACEinternational.org
TRAC Number : 2-12-806-7628-28 www.TRACnumber.com